Wednesday, February 7, 2007

The Zombies - Brief Candles

Yesterday my grandmother passed away. I'm was inevitable and we knew it would happen in a matter of months, even weeks. She died peacefully during her sleep during an afternoon nap. What really got me was that the night before (actually the day of, technically) I had a dream with her in it. I was in this unfamiliar room.. red and maroon blankets we scattered about, covering the floor and draping over various objects and the lighting itself gave the room an ethereal feel. My grandmother was extremely happy and she looked as she did when I was younger, long before she was taken into the home and her voice was diminished to a hoarse whisper. A white dog was scampering along the floor- it wasn't acknowledged but I presume it was her old dog Sophie. Something bit me on the heel and she told me it was a new bird she bought. The bird, tiny and yellow then hopped out from behind a piece of cloth and I held it.

I woke up from the dream fearing something bad had happened, but as it was still 5 AM or so I went back to sleep. I was on the edge through a lot of the day, fearing my dream had been a sort of premonition. Around 5 PM when enough of the day had passed for me to become less paranoid, my Mom called and gave me the news. I was incredibly distracted for the rest of the night... a coincidence? But I rarely remember having dreams involving my grandmother. And there was much more symbolism in that dream versus that I normally have. Like maroon and red draping: like a funeral home and the satin in a casket? Then the otherworldly lighting, dead pet and yellow bird. I researched the yellow bird a bit and found that it is indeed a common dream symbol. "To see a yellow bird flying about is an omen of good luck in financial affairs but not so good in affairs of the heart. Should the bird land on you in a friendly manner this denotes some ill fortune will cast a pall over your life for a short time. To see this bird dead or sick then it foretells disaster in your affairs." A pall? It's noun definition is
1.a cloth, often of velvet, for spreading over a coffin, bier, or tomb.
2.a coffin

What's going on here?
Dreams... i feel there's more to them than we think.

Well now for the music, as this is generally a music blog. I wanted to use a song that would fit the situation yet wouldn't be sappy or greeting-card sentimental. I went with the Zombies.

"Brief candles in her mind

Bright and tiny gems of memory
Brief candles burn so fine
Leaves a light inside where she can see
What makes it all worthwhile
Her sadness makes her smile..."

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