Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mark Mulcahy - Various Polaris Songs (Live)

In my time doing this blog I have noticed that my posts involving the Adventures of Pete & Pete tend to get the most enthusiastic reception from readers. I couldn't be happier- it's easily my favorite television series of all time, and it is wonderful to hear from people who hold the show as dearly as I do. Therefore here's another related post:

So Mark Mulcahy is the guy that fronted Polaris, the one-off band we all know so well from the show's opening credits. The song "Hey Sandy." Whether you're an obsessive fan of the show, a casual one, or, heaven forbid, a hater (the soul-less I say) it's hard to deny how original and unforgettable the theme is- especially for what is considered "a kids show." I could write a thesis on how The Adventures of Pete & Pete is by no means "a kids show", and how much of an injustice it is to pigeonhole the series as that, yet I will not go there. Instead I will share several mp3s of Mark playing 3 Polaris songs at this year's Daffodil Festival, held in Meriden Connecticut. He's apparently one of the festival's headliners every year, as it is located nearby his home. I wonder if he ever gets guys setting up their gear and rocking out on his front lawn...

Mark Mulcahy - Coronado II

Mark Mulcahy - Ivy Boy

and of course....

Mark Mulcahy - She is Staggering

Now for lots of live videos:

"Coronado II" at the Daffodil Festival '08

"Ivy Boy" at the Daffodil Festival '08

"She is Staggering" at the Daffodil Festival '08

"Ivy Boy" at Buttonwood Tree in Middletown CT '07

"Hey Sandy" at Buttonwood Tree in Middletown CT '07

"Hey Sandy" Acoustic in '02

Thanks to good ol'David Elliott for recording this year's Dafodil Festival and providing me with the Mulcahy tracks!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Mix CD: The Essential John Cale

John Cale is cooler than Lou Reed. Not only is he a very nice man, the consistency of his albums also exceeds that of Lou. Still, you can't deny that Cale's 70's output is by far his greatest material, with the 3 albums Vintage Violence, Paris 1919 and Fear being his classics. This mix covers this era, ending with a tracks from his 1975 album Helen of Troy. I realize I didn't cover nearly as much ground in his career as I did for Lou Reed, yet the 5 years this mix spans was so musically productive for Cale, it was difficult enough narrowing it down. I chose to end it with "Leaving it Up to You," definitely the most deranged song on the mix. I of course had to represent the hockey mask wearing, chainsaw yielding, dead chicken decapitating side of Cale somewhere.

The Essential John Cale

1. Hello, There
2. Gideon's Bible
3. Big White Cloud
4. Amsterdam
5. Child's Christmas in Wales
6. Hanky Panky Nohow
7. Andalucia
8. Paris 191
9. Half Past France
10. Antarctica Starts Here
11. Fear is a Man's Best Friend
12. Ship of Fools
13. Gun
14. You Know Me More Than I Know
15. Darling I Need You
16. Guts
17. Helen of Troy
18. Cable Hogue
19. (I Keep A) Close Watch
20. Leaving it Up to You

John Cale Albums