Friday, August 15, 2008

Mix CD: The Essential John Cale

John Cale is cooler than Lou Reed. Not only is he a very nice man, the consistency of his albums also exceeds that of Lou. Still, you can't deny that Cale's 70's output is by far his greatest material, with the 3 albums Vintage Violence, Paris 1919 and Fear being his classics. This mix covers this era, ending with a tracks from his 1975 album Helen of Troy. I realize I didn't cover nearly as much ground in his career as I did for Lou Reed, yet the 5 years this mix spans was so musically productive for Cale, it was difficult enough narrowing it down. I chose to end it with "Leaving it Up to You," definitely the most deranged song on the mix. I of course had to represent the hockey mask wearing, chainsaw yielding, dead chicken decapitating side of Cale somewhere.

The Essential John Cale

1. Hello, There
2. Gideon's Bible
3. Big White Cloud
4. Amsterdam
5. Child's Christmas in Wales
6. Hanky Panky Nohow
7. Andalucia
8. Paris 191
9. Half Past France
10. Antarctica Starts Here
11. Fear is a Man's Best Friend
12. Ship of Fools
13. Gun
14. You Know Me More Than I Know
15. Darling I Need You
16. Guts
17. Helen of Troy
18. Cable Hogue
19. (I Keep A) Close Watch
20. Leaving it Up to You

John Cale Albums


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great site. The link for the John Cale, though, is "temporarily unavailable"

Alex said...

Excellent mix! I've actually been looking to get into John Cale more. Thanks alot!

Grant Miller said...

The Velvets lost it after Cale left, if you ask me.

(A Different) Alex said...

Where's "Dead or Alive" or the cover of "Heartbreak Hotel," or "Honi Soit"?

Anonymous said...

Great selection of the 70s period. But I recommend you to carefuly to Honi Soit, Caribbean Sunset, Sabotage, Hobo Sapiens and Black Acetate. So good as his material from the 70s.

Cale is so versatile and original, but very hermetic, he moves with greatness between the pop sound to the avantgarde sound.

bye bye

Parnass said...

About this guy I have heard so much, though I haven't had the chance to listen any single song of him! Well, anyways, I should buy one of his recordings and not buy kamagra !