Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Luna - Indian Summer (Beat Happening cover)

Oh Dean Wareham, how can you pull off so many consistently awesome covers? Today's Dean arrangement comes not from Galaxie 500, yet Luna, one of the two bands Galaxie 500 merged into after their 1991 break-up. The original Beat Happening version of "Indian Summer" succeeds as a marvel in simplicity- there's Calvin Johnson's monotone delivery and somewhat bizarre stream-of-consciousness-esque lyrics mixed with a simple two chord progression (C to G) that's consistent throughtout. (Grab a guitar- this is a fun one to play.) Luna's version is similar enough to the original at the beginning yet when the accompanying background melody enters the song starts to come into its own. When the solo breaks out at 3:10, well... it's fucking awesome that's what it is. In other words Luna's version won't be as easy to play along to. For an emphesis, look at Dean's guitar rig.
Luna's version comes from their 1993 Slide EP which also contained a cover of the Velvet Underground's "Ride into the Sun" as well as three originals. It was also compiled on the two disc version of the Best of Luna collection that was released last year.
Beat Happening's is from their short (under 25 minutes) yet definitely sweet 1988 album Jamboree.

Luna - Indian Summer

Beat Happening - Indian Summer

"Motorbike to cemetery
Picnic on wild berries
French toast with molasses
Croquet and Baked Alaskas

We'll come back for Indian Summer
We'll come back for Indian Summer
We'll come back for Indian Summer
And go our seperate ways

Cover me with rain
Walk me down the lane
I'll drink from your drain
We will never change
No matter what they say"

Luna @ Amazon.com
Beat Happening - Jamboree @Amazon.com

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uhmm...the correct cords are D and G, c'mon that's a no brainer!