Monday, February 12, 2007

The Field Mice - If You Need Someone + Emma's House

The Field Mice are so overlooked it's almost criminal. They were a great late 80's twee pop band whose sound significantly helped define the indie pop bands of today. They were doing in 1988 what countless indie popsters are doing now. Though I'll be channeling allmusic with this statement, they really were a stepping stone from the Smiths to Belle & Sebastian.

The two songs I selected here are from their 2-disc retrospective Where'd You Learn to Kiss That Way, a compilation so consistently excellent that it was difficult to choose what I'd post here. I managed to narrow it down to two.

The Field Mice - Emma's House

"Early morning by the harbour
the clouds above form one sheet that's grey
Early morning by the harbour
Where you are
Where you now are
You have nothing to live up to
You have nothing to live down
Emma's house is empty
so why do I call it Emma's house?"

The Field Mice - If You Need Someone

"If you need someone
to tell you
is gonna be all right
I can do that
I can do that
I can"

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