Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Cat Power - Bathysphere (Smog cover)

Back to the covers spree. I now realize that yesterday could have been a covers entry, as M.Ward did a "Sadie" cover. However though good, his version pales in comparision to hers which would have taken away from the emphesis of the entry being her song. With that I can connect all three of these last entries: first being that Dylan cover featuring M.Ward who also relates to Sadie by Joanna Newsom which then relates to Smog in this entry as she's currently dating Bill Callahan and also to Chan Marshall as both her and Joanna are friends and toured together a while back. Plus Chan also dated Bill Callahan. Small world. Lucky guy.

Ok, today's cover is Cat Power doing the Smog song "Bathysphere." I feel like a lot of people aren't even aware that it's a cover, as it's just jammed in the middle of What Would the Community Think with otherwise all original songs besides "Talking People." Her cover acts like a precursor to her style on the Writers Block, er, Covers Album involving stripping a song down to the barest foundations and slowing down the tempo. It consists solely of guitar, vocals and some electronic hoo-hah in the background. It's a good representative of her sound on What Would the Community Think, an album that I feel is much less accessible that her later releases, yet more rewarding after numerous listens.
Cat Power - Bathysphere

Here's the Smog version. It's amazing how different the two are. It comes from his 1995 album Wild Love.

Smog - Bathysphere

"When I was seven
I asked my mother
To trip me to the bay
And put me on a ship
And lower me down
Lower me out of here

Because when I was seven
I wanted to live in a bathysphere

Between coral
Silent eel
Silver swordfish
I can't really feel or dream down here

And if the water should cut my line
And if the water should cut my line
Set me free
And if the water should cut my line
Set me free, I don't mind
I'll be the lost sailor, my home is the sea

When I was seven
My father said to me
"But you can't swim"
And I've never dreamed of the sea again"


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this is a great cover. feaverish lovely. catpower is very good