Monday, February 26, 2007

Sufjan Stevens - Holy, Holy, Holy

I had such a busy weekend. Right after my classes ended on Friday we flew out to Ohio for the funeral. Though the length of the flight itself only totalled about an hour and a half due to layovers we didn't arrive at the house until around 9 PM. The service itself began the next day at 11. It was in a tiny yet pretty church and processed pretty well. There was one mishap at the beginning yet it was actually pretty funny: on the sheet that gave the agenda rather than putting down "Martha", my grandmothers' name they put down "Mary", my aunt's. They also mispelled the last name. You'd think in the case of a funeral they'd double check things. It was probably for the better though, as the laugh took off some of the heat early on. I wasn't sure how I was going to react during the service. Turns out I didn't cry, nor even feel the need to. Instead I just was solemn thoughout. I find that it takes a bit for things to hit me, and rather than being emotionally tocuhed at times that try to prompt those feelings, after time and reflection and establishing a personal connection to the situation I then begin to feel.

That night after all the guests came and left her house for the funeral's reception was when I was grabbed by it all. It began to feel as it was the end of an era- this house that I've vistited for 20 years of my life would soon be sold and a new family would call it their own. I realized that this would probably be my last time in it and all the memories over the years began to flood in. There's the laundry chute connecting the top floor and the basement that along with my cousins we'd toss various objects (never actually laundry) down. Then there's trying to memorize which of the main steps creaked to aid in late night sneaking, the front lawn where many fireflies were caught, the backyard where the neighbors' kids had (and they still stand) a Mickey mouse club house and a swing set that with their permission we'd use, the mystery of the attic, setting up a tripod and recording movies on the living room's main couch.. the house was a crucial part of so many memories. It was one thing that you could rely on to remain consistent over the years, something that in retrospect that provided a great deal of comfort every time we'd return. You'd walk in and be greeted with that instantly recognizable musk and you'd know where you were.

Today's song will be Sufjan's version of "Holy, Holy, Holy" a song which was performed at the service. His version is absolutely gorgeous. It's from Noel, his fifth Christmas EP recorded last year and was then complied with his four previous EPs on Songs for Christmas. I adore the collection and It's one that I don't reserve for just only November/December listening. Christmas all year round.

Sufjan Stevens - Holy, Holy, Holy

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