Friday, August 17, 2007

Fat Tulips - So Unbelievable

Pete & Pete week is now coming to a close. With the looks of things, I'll have to extend this "week" into the next. I mean, I haven't even gotten into the Magnetic Fields yet.

Today's entry, the Fat Tulips, might steal the "most obscure band ever posted about on ISYES" award that I initially gave to yesterday's entry, Chug. Fat Tulips however at least have an artist description and a website, so I think that standing still belongs to Chug, for now at least. If I do an entry on Nice next week, that'll be another landmark post: the first by a band who seemingly have no pictures of themselves, or any merchandising links anywhere. Perhaps they're a band that truly died out before this internet age.

Here's what I know about the Fat Tulips: They were a UK twee band from the late 80's who only put out one full-length album, 1994's Starfish. However they've released over ten 7" singles and have appeared on even more compilations. Their current website is fantastically designed, and although small, they seem to have an enthusiastic fan base.

"So Unbelievable" was featured in the episode Splashdown, an episode I already featured in an entry for the Apples in Stereo song "Tidal Wave," a proto-Pete & Pete week entry. It would have made more sense to feature Nightcrawlers in that, as that's the Apples in Stereo episode, but perhaps I wasn't aware of dailymotion at that time. Whatever- it's all hindsight.

But back to the Fat Tulips... I love this track. The only downside I can see to it is that the lyrics will recall that terrible EMF song of a similar title. Shudder..

Fat Tulips - So Unbelievable

"Well hello boy do you remember me?
We met at a party a couple of years ago
I gave you my number
but I guess you threw it away
Like you threw away your virginity
She didn't like you anyhow
And anyway she's dropped you now
Arrogance your middle name
You're unbelievable! Unbelievable!
So unbelievable!
Well hello my friend it's me again
Do you still love that girl you're with?
Or is she just another way to pass the time?
I heard you're up to your old tricks
You've been sleeping all round town
With anyone who'll fool around
Moan when she says that you're unfaithful
Unbelievable! Unbelievable!
So unbelievable!So I guess you think I'm perfect
I'm nothing but, but I don't lie
Cos when I speak my mind I'm honest...
And you're unbelievable, unbelievable!
So unbelievable!"

The Adventures of Pete & Pete Episode 2x04: The Big Quiet

This is a bit of an underrated episode in my opinion. Little Pete has his first experience of the death of someone close to him, in his case his pet lizard Gary. While he organizes an epic funeral, Big Pete struggles with the distance he feels from his Dad. Conversations have become incredibly awkward between the two, to the extent that Pete keeps a sandwich on hand to stuff into his mouth for times of prospective conversation, and even to taking up sign language so speaking can be avoided all together. When a trip to the lizard farm to get Little Pete a new pet is mentioned, Pete just about loses it. A 2 hour drive with just him and Dad...conversation the only thing to pass the time. Can Pete memorize enough "Dad Facts" and conversation topics in time to avoid a lifetime of awkwardness?

"I don't want to wear a sock!"

The Magnetic Fields' "Why I Cry" gets a lot of play during this episode. But alas, I've already covered that song.

The Adventures of Pete & Pete Season 2

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