Friday, June 15, 2007

Apples in Stereo - Tidal Wave

Fear not- though the word "summer" is absent in this song's title, it is still very much a summer song. It could be even more of a summer song than the past entries, as you can have summer in a title but musically it can feel nothing like the season. While lyrically this song occasionally delves into surrealism, even absurdism, it very much feels like summer. They recorded this song using Phil Spector's "Wall of Sound" method which generates natural reverb by playing the same musical section on multiple instruments, transferring the sound to an echo chamber where it is then recorded. Though as we all know Spector's not the type of person we'd like to invite over for a drink, his innovative and influential production methods cannot be denied. On this song in particular, the Apples have ten guitars playing simultaneously, something that as you'll hear gives the song a real entrancing effect. I love the way this entire album, Fun Trick Noisemaker is produced, something that they've moved away from with subsequent releases, in a favor of a more polished approach. That said, this is by far my favorite record of theirs, as well as "Tidal Wave" being my favorite song. An interesting note about "Tidal Wave" is that its April 1993 issue on 7" marked the first ever release on Elephant Six records. The song has also been featured on the Adventures of Pete and Pete during the episode "Allnighters" where Little Pete and his friends attempt to beat the world record for longest period without sleep, 11 days.

Apples in Stereo - Tidal Wave

"A foot in the street and a foot in the gutter
That's one foot in the morning rain
Just 'round the corner a hole full of water
Hot dog, it's a holiday

Splish splash in a pool or puddle
Don't trip up on a tidal wave
You'll crash in a murky muddle and,
And you'll know how it feels
To know you're not real

I went for a walk and I climbed up the tower
It seemed like a thousand years
'Til I reached the top, oh, and I picked a flower
That grew through the stratosphere

Drop down to a cloud or jetstream
Don't trip up on a weathervane
You'll drown in a world of wet dreams and,
And you'll know how it feels
To know you're not real

I wrote a letter and I gave it to Jenny
I hoped for some return
The next time I saw her she gave me a penny
Wrapped up in a gummy worm

Run 'round in a field or meadow
Don't trip up on a sugar cane
Fall down in a lazy shadow and,
And you'll know how it feels
To know you're not real"

While I couldn't find that specific Pete & Pete episode on google video, here's the episode "Splashdown" a particularly Summer-y episode from the third season.

Apples in Stereo - Fun Trick Noisemaker


Rinjo Njori said...

Pete and pete-- Apples in Stereo. It's like 1995 all over again..

Anonymous said...

Have you heard their new album "New MAgnetic Wonder"? It's freaking fantastic!