Monday, June 4, 2007

Semi-Gloss - The Sunburn Song

Though the weather here for the past few days hasn't been what one generally considers the prime summer conditions, I'm still going to use the theme of "Summer" for this week's entries. I have to say though, I'm not who will pout around and complain endlessly about some water leaking from the clouds. I'm actually a fan of rain during this time of the year when the pollen count is high and I need to buy boxes of tissues by the dozen. Hell, if it wasn't for Allegra, I'd probably just lock myself in a room from May through late June, ordering delivery all the day, slipping the money under the door. Thank you scientists who discovered Fexofenadine hydrochloride.

Now the band I'm featuring here today for entry one of this summer week is a band that next to no one has heard of. I really mean that...their has 356 plays. Your shitty local high school screamo band who plays shows at the YMCA probably has more listens than that. This track"The Sunburn Song" is one of those overlooked gems that is so great, I feel violent over the thought that only those in a selective group have ever heard this track. That selective group would be the obsessive fans of the masterpiece which is "The Adventures of Pete and Pete" as this song has been played during various episodes of the show. On the contrary, while it's frusturating that the vast majority of the world has never heard this song, I feel privileged to be one that has.

Semi-Gloss -
The Sunburn Song

"The sun is strong and we still haven't learned
Your skin is pale and it's gonna burn
Little white flakes falling down to the ground
Dead and gone without a sound
New skin cells being born together
Trying to live in this nasty weather
Fighting hard just to say alive
But in this bright sun it's hard to survive

Oh the sol
goes down
So slow
on the western coast

A little trip to the beach for the day
You've got your shades and her bain de solei
You look so nice in the waves together
You wish this moment would last forever
Well don't look now but there's that other fella
Long sleeved shirt and a beach umbrella
They can't say that you never tried
But now your skin is red and you heart is fried

Don't be afraid to get burned
Everybody has their turn
It's gonna hurt
You're gonna peel and scratch
But sooner or later you'll be back"

It's difficult to find information on the band, but fortunately their official site is still active. The story behind their demise is a little depressing. It states on the site: "They last worked on a CD in Los Angeles called "The Falling Kind". The distribution was supposed to go nationwide in the summer of 2000, but Dirt Records never released it. The band decided to take a break after this disappointment and never got back together".

I've only heard their self-titled album, but it's very good. has 5 copies up right now for a penny- that's a bargain if I ever saw one. Also, the product image there is brought to you by me. :)

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AD said...

Though I was unaware of this band while they were active, I stumbled across their website in 2001 and fell in love with their song 'Mystery'. Since then I've found a few more tracks online, and all are excellent. Never watched Pete & Pete.

'The Falling Kind' was available through Dirt Records' website for a while - until Dirt Records disappeared. Sad end to a good band.

Anonymous said...

heard the sunburn song from pete and pete could you please kindly reupload the song