Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Jesus and Mary Chain - Never Understand

Invented Shoegaze while digging Post-Punk a grave....One of the most important bands of the last 25 years.... Psychocandy....Melody + feedback... The Velvet Underground & Beach Boys.... Gig riots.... Kevin Shields was an obsessive fan.... Cool hair... Way awesome... Pixies cover....Lost in Translation....Coachella....The Jesus and Mary Chain.

The Jesus and Mary Chain - Never Understand

"The sun comes up another day begins
And I don't even worry about the state I'm in
Head so heavy and I'm looking thin
But when the sun goes down I wanna start again

You never understand me
You never understand me

Don't turn around until you look at me
Why don't you take a second and tell me what you see
Things I see you only disagree
You never understand that's what I want to be

You never understand me
You never understand me

Not wishing to hide but you just can't see me
I tell you the truth but you don't believe me
Thinking of love but I can't hear what you're saying
Tomorrow I'm leaving
Cause I'm not stayin'
(Uh huh huh)"

I love this band so much.

"Never Understand" promo video. Omgsobadass.

The Jesus & Mary Chain - Psychocandy @Amazon.com (though it is way overpriced there)


Anonymous said...

hey great site.

I've got a pete and pete question though. Do you know what song plays at the beginning of "35 Hours". Its really mellow and plays while the globe is spinning. Keep up the good work.

matt said...
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matt said...

That's a good question...

I honestly have no idea.