Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Feist - Somewhere Down the Road

Feist has been blowing up lately. She's one of Vh1's "You Oughta Know" artists, and apparently it's hard to avoid "1234" if you're in a mall clothing store, or Canada. It's hard not to see the appeal in her, as though her music is very accessible, it's quality as well.

"Somewhere Down the Road" is brand new, but as the case with Cat Power two entries back, it was written by Jesse Harris. Though I could go on for a week about the Hottest State soundtrack itself, me posting all the best tracks wouldn't exactly be fair to them. I'll be keeping it to these two. Despite the film looking to be a suckfest, the soundtrack is still worth picking up. It'll look good next to the Wicker Park and Garden State soundtracks, aka, good soundtracks for terrible movies.

Feist - Somewhere Down the Road

"Somewhere down the road
I’ll see you again
I don’t know when
But I know you’ll be the same
And I know I’ll be the same

You’ll free me again
But I’ll never be free
From memories
And I know your life will change
And I know my life will change

Unchained unchained
We drift away
Like roses on the sea

Stars in the sky
They’re always alone
They’re on their own
But you know they’ll always shine
And I know they’ll always shine
All time"

The Hottest State Soundtrack


marlonisyourpimp said...

best find today!

thanks for posting it

g said...

oh wow! thanks for the track!

erm, i liked "garden state." :D

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Anonymous said...

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