Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Tara Key - Long Trail, Racecar - Wonderment

For me today marks the last day of Summer. I'm heading back to college tomorrow morning, and depending on how rigid the orientation schedule is, this might be the last entry of the week. If I do have time, it'll for sure be a Magnetic Fields entry. However for today, It's two more obscurities that outside of the Pete & Pete universe are virtually ignored.

First up is "Long Trail" by Tara Key, a song which could be heard in "Das Bus," the episode from yesterday's entry, among others. Tara Key is better known as Antietam's front woman. According to allmusic, "Antietam is the South's answer to Yo La Tengo." They also describe the band as a "post-punk Lynyrd Skynyrd," so really...I haven't the faintest idea what to think. Post-punk Lynyrd Synyrd? For reals?

Well I've never heard Antietam myself, so I won't pass judgment. I also can't give much of an opinion on her solo material as this one song is entirely instrumental, perhaps as a transitional piece. The song does recall Yo La Tengo at their least sprawling moments. Coincidently, Yo La Tengo's power couple Ira Kaplan and Georgia Hubley play on the song's respective album, Burbon Country. The two are actually good friends with Tara Key and her own band sharing husband, Tim Harris. We love bands with married members!

Tara Key - Long Trail

The second band, Racecar, applied for the spot of school dance band in the episode "Dance Fever," however were turned down in favor of Luscious Jackson. However the good execs behind the show decided give some some of the brilliant Pete & Pete pie anyways, by featuring a song of theirs on the show instead. The band formed in 1993 in Washington D.C., released one album, and then went on hiatus. Their official website hasn't been updated since 2002, so I can't be sure what they're up to now, but it looks like they broke their hiatus and attempted to release a 2nd album. Oh well- "Wonderment" is a good song.

Racecar - Wonderment

The Adventures of Pete & Pete Episode 3x05: Dance Fever

Dancing...Little Pete's one secret fear. In an attempt to be excused from his first school dance, Little Pete chugs 15 gallons of creamed corn. After a trip to the hospital, Pete obtains a jar of glowing gut juice. Impressed, Nona suggests that Pete along with his gut fludge go to the dance and begin a get-rich-quick scheme to charge for looks at the the jar. In addition Pete could protect Nona from dancing with her "pop" (played by the one and only Iggy Pop) who is chaperoning the dance. However, sworn Little Pete enemy Pit Stain may put a bit of a damper on Pete's plan. Meanwhile , Older Pete is smitten by Luscious Jackson's guitarist and tries desperately to get her attention.

This episode also features a Larisa Oleynik (aka Alex Mack) cameo as a nurse, as well as some pretty fantastic Iggy Pop on stage moments.

Part 2

Part 3

Adventures of Pete & Pete Season 1 DVD

Adventures of Pete & Pete Season 2 DVD
Adventures of Pete & Pete Season 3 DVD Petition


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