Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Nice - Circuit Diagram, Theme from Nice

Nice are from New Zealand. That is the beginning and end of what I know about them. The majority of my searches for the band lead to The Nice, the much different British psychedelic/prog act. The mystery of Nice also makes me wonder how the fellow Pete & Pete obsessor who I grabbed the mp3s from a few years back even got a copy of their album. Apparently both the songs featured on the show are from the same album, and the album is titled "Nice." Sigh. I guess that rules out searching for the band + album title to get more info. Actually I just just tried that- it leads me to a band called Nice Nice.

Edit: I have searched for their label, Feel Good All Over, and have actually found their amazon.com page! They have the album listed as "Apple Pie" and with a completely different track list than on allmusic. Oh well.

The first Nice song is entirely instrumental, and appeared in truncated form many times throughout the series. Well, there is one spoken line: a seductive uttering of "niceee" at the end. Hey, it's their theme.

Nice - Theme from Nice

Their second one is better known (but still obscure in every sense of the word.) It was notably featured during Nightcrawlers, X=Why? and New Year's Pete. If you're not careful the bass on this track could blow out your speakers, or the lint from your belly button. The almighty E chord. This song wasn't in that episode.

Nice - Circuit Diagram

The Adventures of Pete & Pete 3x12: Das Bus

This episode features a young Selma Blair as Penelope Ghiruto, Big Pete's love interest. Pete's High School is holding a job fair and under the influence of temporary love smitten insanity Pete has signed up for a week as a bus driver with Stu as his mentor. After an uninspired and frankly terrible first day, Stu prematurely fires Pete. However once Pete notices that Penelope is the last off the bus and there's some intimate alone time with that lone passenger, Pete has a new found enthusiasm for the job. He does everything in his willpower to convince Stu he is mature enough to drive the bus alone, including beginning a hot towel and haircut service, as well as serving grilled mesquite tenderloins for passengers. Can Pete manage to nab that ride alone with Penelope, or will Stu see through him?

The t-bone steak napkin scene in this episode is definitely one of the series' most absurd moments, though this episode is full of them. Also, look out for the 6ths' "Falling Out of Love (With You), Nice's "Theme from Nice," Chug's "Flowers," and Semi-Gloss' "The Sunburn Song" in the soundtrack.

Part 2

Part 3

Nice - Apple Pie/Nice @amazon.com

Petition for Adventures of Pete & Pete Season 3 DVD


Justin S said...

Both songs that you posted do not lead to a download site. I would really really appreciate it if you could re-post the mp3's or find another site that offers them. Thank you for doing research on this band, I too was researching for these songs and I found your posted blog.

Justin S said...

I forgot to ask:

you said "The first Nice song is entirely instrumental" do you mean the first track on the apple pie/nice album or the song that is well known on the series? With that said, since the track names on the apple pie album on amazon.com are different than the track names on the self-titled album, does those 2 songs you mentioned in this blog that appear in Pete and Pete on that album (apple pie) but just renamed as something else?

Thanks again

matt said...

Here's the two songs:


For the nice song being entirely instrumental, I meant the first Nice song I discussed in this entry. And yes, both these songs appear on their self-titled album, I believe the only recording they ever released.

Anonymous said...

You are a complete hero, I've been searching for this songs for a very very LONG time, Circuit Diagram, was a LEYEND in the P2P media downloaders, I almost give up.

But now I'm complete. ^^ hehe

Million of thanks to you!

Anonymous said...

i can't get the song from that link!

Anonymous said...

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