Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Magnetic Fields - Lovers from the Moon

Ah, another Magnetic Fields entry. This should be Friday's entry, but instead it's a rare Saturday one. Yesterday was much too exhausting. All the trekking around campus for the various activities makes my feet and calves feel like I put in a 12 hour + day at Disney World. Tomorrow all I need to do is register for classes, so I intend to do next to nothing.

With this entry I will now have covered all three Magnetic Fields song that appeared on Pete & Pete. However Lovers from the Moon is the only one of the three to feature Susan Anyway instead of Stephin Merritt on lead vocals. The first two Magnetic Fields releases, 1991's Distant Plastic Trees and 1992's The Wayward Bus are oddities in the catalog, as Stephin doesn't sing even one note on either of them. Stephin started to sing when Susan needed to leave the band to live in Arizona. Claudia Gonson would later fill the female vocal gap.

"Lovers from the Moon" was used in the episode Valentine's Day Massacre. Like so many Magnetic Fields song, I find this track so comforting. It's like a huge luxurious blanket that I can just immerse myself in while drifting through the cosmos. I can't find much information on what Susan is up to these days, but I've found that she's had a few exhibitions of her metalwork sculptures in Arizona. What a voice.

The Magnetic Fields - Lovers from the Moon

"They say everyone you touch turns to gold
They say we're too young I think we're too old
Ugly as sin, pale, and thing
They've been wrong before

They say you're a frog prince swollen with pride
Always a bridesmaid, never a bride
Getting confused in Santa Cruz
Living in a dream

Touching across the room like lovers from the moon
Dancing all night to the tune of lovers from the moon

I'm not afraid to walk hand in hand
I think we were made to lie in the sand
Decadently by the sea, under the sun

Touching across the room like lovers from the moon
Dancing all night to the tune of lovers from the moon"

The Adventures of Pete & Pete 2x05: Time Tunnel

Because of this episode, I make sure to time travel every daylight savings time in the Fall. Wait until it's midnight, turn the clock back and hour, and relive your life. You're in bizarro time: do something you'd always wanted to do but were too hesitant to try before. Make sure to have plenty of riboflavin!

This also marks the episode where Pete and Ellen finally go on a date. No fog, no fun? We'll see.

Part 2

Part 3

The Magnetic Fields - The Wayward Bus/Distant Plastic Trees

The Adventures of Pete & Pete Season 2 DVD


Jennifer [StarKnight Captain 'Sunshine'] said...

Wait--what was the third song on Pete and Pete!? *blink* There's two right now!

matt said...

Why I Cry.

I covered it in this here:

Kinda an un-official Pete & Pete entry.

Jennifer [StarKnight Captain 'Sunshine'] said...

Ohh. Got it.

I'm sorta new to your blog so, yeah. :-\ I'm a bit behind.

Paul Tsikitas said...

Love the blog. Pete and Pete was pretty much the most groundbreaking show to show the influence of indie/alternative music and film (with the likes of Martin Donovan and Steve Buscemi being on episodes.)