Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The Slits - Shoplifting + Typical Girls

The Slits were one of the first significant all female post-punk bands. Though they could barely play their instruments when they first started, they toured with the Clash on their "White Riot" tour, along with the Buzzcocks, and would be an important influence for the Riot Grrrl movement. Additionally, they were friends with the Pop Group, a band I covered a few entries back, sharing a drummer with them as well as releasing a split EP.

The band only released one true album, 1979's Cut. Their 1981 follow-up Return of the Giant Slits had a more intentionally commercial sound, something that alienated many fans, making the album a disappointment that and never even received a US release date.

I'm now posting two songs from Cut, as "Shoplifting," one of my favorite tracks, is only about a minute and a half long. The other song "Typical Girls" is one the of record's poppiest songs, and not surprisingly was promoted as a single.

The Slits - Shoplifting

"Put the cheddar in the pocket
Put the rest under the jacket
Talk to the cashier, he won't suspect
And if he does...
Do a runner!

Ten quid for the lot
We pay fuck all
Babylonian won't lose much
And we'll have dinner tonight
Do a runner!

Camera's trying to watch us
Mirrors and TV
But they're not gonna catch us
'Cause we're gonna gonna gonna run run run
Do a runner!

Ten quid for the lot
We pay fuck all
Babylonian won't lose much
And we'll have dinner tonight
Do a runner!

(I've pissed in my knickers)

The Slits - Typical Girls

"Don't create
Don't rebel
Have intuition
Can't decide

Typical girls get upset too quickly
Typical girls can't control themselves
Typical girls are so confusing
Typical girls - you can always tell
Typical girls don't think too clearly
Typical girls are all predictable

Typical girls try to be
Typical girls very well

Typical girls are looking for something
Typical girls fall under spells
Typical girls buy magazines
Typical girls feel like hell
Typical girls worry about spots, fat, and natural smells
Sniky fake smells

Don't create
Don't rebel
Have intuition
Don't drive well

Can't decide what clothes to wear
Typical girls are sensitive
Typical girls are emotional
Typical girls are cruel and bewitching
She's a femme fatale
Typical girls stand by their man
Typical girls are really swell
Typical girls learn how to act shocked
Typical girls don't rebel

Who invented the typical girl?
Who's bringing out the new improved model?
And there's another marketing ploy
Typical girl gets the typical boy

The typical boy gets the typical girl
The typical girl gets the typical boy

Are emotional"

"Typical Girls" Promo video

"Shoplifting" Live on 2006 Reunion Tour

The Slits - Cut @Amazon.com


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