Friday, July 27, 2007

PFFR - 3 Murdered 5 Dead w/Phillip

PFFR are the twisted geniuses behind Wonder Showzen (the best show MTV has had since The State,) yet outside the show's most devoted fanbase, their music is unknown. According to the members, "A shimmering gem crashed down from the heavens, black clouds exploded unto the Earth and PFFR was formed." Other times PFFR are "group of highly motivated young people that formed a band in order to start a riot in the local public library." They also are home to one of the strangest band websites I have ever seen.

The band's music is equally strange avant-garde electronica. This song is my favorite from their one and only album, United We Doth. I love how they use of a drum machine on the chorus.

PFFR - 3 Murdered 5 Dead w/Phillip

Now for a few bonus PFFR videos:

Japoney Apple

Our Concern

Wonder Showzen Episode 1x01:

PFFR - United We Doth

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