Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Galaxie 500 - Fourth of July

First off, Happy Fourth of July everyone. Over the weekend in NY I picked up about $35 worth of fireworks, so mine will certainly be decent. It's strange though, as I thought New York was one of the 5 states (also including Delaware, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Rhode Island, my own state) where the sale and use of fireworks is illegal. In hindsight, it was a bit of a shady establishment, just a tent set up by a gas station out in the mountainous country part of the state. I didn't even need to sign any paperwork.

This Galaxie 500 song, possibly my favorite track by the band (and that's saying a lot) takes the holiday and rather than reiterating the celebratory nature of the holiday, with gatherings, explosions, and barbecue, juxtaposes it through the perspective of an isolated and insecure, possibly schizophrenic individual, closing the shades so they wouldn't be reminded of the joy that the outside world is experiencing. Through depressed, it's not hopeless, as things are momentarily alright for the protagonist when a special someone smiles. Maybe they're not going mad and rather it's just a case of love sickness. They realize they could just change their style and move on, explore a different persona and meet new people, but they're still stuck on that one that gives them a fleeting happiness, regardless and stubborn to the cancerous baggage that comes with it.

However, that's just my interpretation, and whatever Dean was going for when he wrote the song certainly worked. This is an incredible piece of music from the spoken word opening lines (I love the first two especially) to the extended instrumental ending. I'm in absolute awe upon every listen.

Galaxie 500 - Fourth of July

"I wrote a poem on a dog biscuit
And your dog refused to look at it
So I got drunk and looked at the Empire State Building
It was no bigger than a nickel

And if it don't improve
Then I have to move
I never thought that I would end up here
Maybe I should just change my style
But I feel alright when you smile

I stayed at home on the Fourth of July
And I pulled the shades so I didn't have to see the sky
And I decided to have a Bed In
But I forgot to invite anybody

And when I fell asleep
The neighbors had a peep
I never thought that I would end up here
Maybe I should just change my style
But I feel alright when you smile"

The music video is brilliant as well- one of the best uses of a practically nonexistent budget I can think of. I love this band so much. Hopefully we'll see a reunion one day.

Galaxie 500 - This is Our Music

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