Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Camper Van Beethoven - June

Camper Van Beethoven- a band a know little about at the moment, yet I'm looking forward to getting to know in the future. They're one of those bands whose name you hear pop up every one in a while (especially when a reviewer is seeming to look for hipster points by comparing a band's sound to one decades earlier) but you don't hear them being talked about extensively. My introduction to them was a little strange, finding an odd cassette of their album Key Lime Pie at a thrift store for $0.50. It's not the street version, nor a promo copy. I sent an email about it to CVB's manager but have yet to receive a response. All I can tell is it's the property of Virgin Records. I still need to listen to it in its entirety. College rock with a violin and mandolin. Sounds cool enough. Continuing with Summer songs, here's "June."

Camper Van Beethoven - June

"Are you weary of the lengthening days?
Do you secretly wish for November's rain?
And the harvest moon to reign in the sky (now that it's June)
There is nothing in this world more bitter than Spring

Now I wrote you this letter
Because the clothes were hung on the line
And the crows flew out of the field
And up into the sky

I'm lying here in the station
Stretching out on the tracks
For all the possible places that I might arrive

There is nothing in this world more bitter than love
In all those long days of June
Bring me the long, brown grass now that it's dry
There is nothing in this world more bitter than Spring"

Camper Van Beethoven - Key Lime Pie @Amazon.com


Anonymous said...

i love camper van beethoven so very much..i love everything they have done and everything they will do..i love all the solo albums by the various members
jonathan segel, victor krummenacher, greg lisher and all the off shoot bands especially the magnificent monks of doom, and also jack and jill, heironimous firebrain..i love that they reformed a few years back...i love the last two cracker albums....
i love that over at the internet archive there are 110 campers shows to download for free


and nearly a dozen shows by jonathan segel


and ten shows by the mighty monks of doom


and some of victors beautiful solo shows


and a 120 cracker shows


i also love that over at victors own site there a load of great stuff to rerad and download

yes i love the campers
mick d

Anonymous said...

oh and the tape you have is just a studio mastering cassette for reference purposes...basically one step up from a promo tape...basically when the album's been mastered they run off a cassette or to for the label etc, just to make sure it came out right before they go to press...it a nice little item though but i would be suprised if the music on it is any different to the finished album.....
mick d

ron said...

june is fabulous. DL seems to have a june theme.

those sleeveless days.

Anonymous said...

I really felt connected to the lyrics, specially the part where the guy says there is nothing more bitter than love in June... Because of viagra online my girlfriend just broke with me... June sucks!!!!