Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Faust - Picnic On A Frozen River, Deuxieme Tableux

First things first, I have a final exam tomorrow, so this entry will be breezed through. Summer courses are such a pain in the ass.

Now I've made passing references to "Krautrock" in the last 2 entires. If you're unfamiliar, it refers to the late 60's to the mid 70's experimental scene in Germany. In brief, its influence on rock music as we know it was immeasurable. The biggest band to come out of it was undoubtedly Kraftwerk, a band that is an important as the Beatles. Though bands like Silver Apples laid the groundwork, Kraftwerk invented electronic music. The other bands involved were almost as significant, with Can, Neu!, Tangerine Dream and this entry's own, Faust being the most notable ones.

In terms of time as well as it not being necessary, I'm not going to go into describing the song. I can't make out any of these lyrics, and to simply verbalize what the song's doing musically would be redundant. We do have ears. I'll just say, it's pretty epic, features multiple movements , including one of the catchiest synth riffs you'll ever hear, and ends abruptly.

Faust - Picnic On A Frozen River, Deuxieme Tableux

The song comes from Faust's fourth and my personal favorite album of their's Faust IV, originally released in 1973.

Faust IV

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Anonymous said...

Hi matt, do you have the lyrics of this song please ?