Monday, April 2, 2007

Deerhoof - Gore in Rut + The Perfect Me

I've had such a Deerhoof week. My tallied 96 plays for them on weekly chart. With that I feel like Deerhoof deserves two entries in a row. This will have a theme however, the 10 year + music involvement.

The first Deerhoof track comes from 1997 and their first album The Man, the King, the Girl. Though the rest of this album is generally overlooked in the scope of Deerhoof's discography, one track "Gore in Rut" remains a live staple for the band and a crowd favorite. This could be due to the absurd yet so cutesey it's irresistible lyrics as well as that it gives Satomi (the vocalist) the chance to act like a bunny on stage. It's amazing to me. The hopping and index finger bunny ears... Here's how it goes-

"Bunny bunny bunny bunny bunny bunny
I can't get you, lalalala

I can't have it
the monster rabbit"

I swear that the Wallace and Gromit movie completely stole its plot from this song.

Deerhoof - Gore in Rut (Bunny)

10 years later. Deerhoof's popularity has grown immensely, as well as their competence as a band. Their overall tightness and technical ability has grown, yet they certainly haven't become more orthodox over the years. I feel that with their last two albums they finally achieved the right balance between noise and melody, experimentation and structure. I feel they share this organization with the Pixies, as both bands have wildly erratic aspects mixed with traditional ones. These two spectrums then play off of each other making music that's both accessible yet challenging enough that you don't tire of it over a few listens like a pop radio song. Additionally, while you can pin a few influences, both bands sound like no other band making music.
The hoof have also been able to get opening spots for a fantastic roster of bands- Radiohead, The Flaming Lips, Sonic Youth, Wilco, and many tours with their best friend band the Fiery Furnaces. I saw them open for the Flaming Lips once and I hold it as the best show I've ever seen.

The second Deerhoof track, "The Perfect Me" opens the record they released this year Friend Opportunity. While it isn't as good as their previous album The Runners Four (a record that's a damn near masterpiece) it's still an excellent release. It'll certainly perform well on my year end list. The drums on this song are fantastic, and really showcase Greg Saunier's talent. The man's a beast. I can't ignore the other aspects keep it simple, it's all good.

Deerhoof - The Perfect Me

Conveniently each song has a music video!

Deerhoof @ KillRockStars

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