Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Charles Manson - Look at Your Game Girl + Home is Where You're Happy

Yes, this is that Charles Manson. Many people are not aware of Charles Manson's music, something that until recently I was victim of. It's actually a significant part of his life story, as some people believe that the his record failing commercially is what caused him to snap and recruit "the family." Also people don't typically realize Manson's involvement with the Beach Boys as he wrote the Beach Boys' song "Never Learn Not to Love," which originally appeared on his LIE: The Love & Terror Cult album, but was called "Cease to Exist." On the Beach Boys album 20/20 they (for better or worse) attributed the song to Dennis Wilson. Dennis and Charles had been good friends, with Charles actually staying at his house for a year. When the Sharon Tate incident occured, it apparently frightened Dennis to an extent where it took years before he could function as his normal self.

Now with this entry I am by no means supporting Charles Manson as a person and I feel those who do so (and feel like his agenda was to make the world a better place) are misguided and flat out wrong. However the guy has written some great songs. In my opinion "Look at Your Game Girl" and "Home is Where You're Happy" are his two best. They're both on LIE: The Love & Terror Cult, an album that as a whole is surprisingly solid.

Charles Manson - Look at Your Game Girl

Charles Manson - Home is Where You're Happy

Now since videos of Manson performing are nonexistant I'm going to go for a Devendra Banhart cover of "Home is Where You're Happy" where he meshes the song with Lauryn Hill's "Doo Wop (That Thing)." But first here's Devendra on Manson (after Linday Lohaan tells him he looks like him):

"Well, I'll tell you what. I don't agree so much with Charles Manson--he's a perfect example of the hippie movement gone bad. But I really do dig his music. There's a sleazy side to it. There's a dark side to it. There's a human side to it. He made some amazing music. "Home Is Where You're Happy" is one of the best songs ever, and it was a Charles Manson song".


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They're fucking cruel sick cocksuckers they'll get their justice alright.