Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Vaselines - Son of a Gun

No, this song was not written by Kurt Cobain. Nirvana has covered three Vaselines songs (Son of a Gun, Molly's Lips, and Jesus Don't Want Me For a Sunbeam) but still this band is relatively unknown. Like the three Meat Puppets songs the band did during the unplugged show, many people believe all these songs were written by Nirvana, which is quite sad. Kids nowadays.. They need to do their musical homework and look into influences. However back in the early 90's (when kids were more intellectually curious?) this really helped the band get exposure, and Sup Pop (Nirvana's first label) put out a compilation featuring every song the Vaselines ever put to tape. I just love those one shot compilations...there's no chance of confusion over what album to purchase first.

The Vaselines - Son of a Gun

"Swing swing up and down,
Turn turn turn around,
Round round round and about and over again.
Gun gun son of a gun,
You are the only one,
And no one else can take my place.

The sun shines in the bedroom when you play,
And the raining always starts when you go away".

So much better than Nirvana's version....

Though the band broke up initally in 1990, from what it seems they recently reuinted for some UK shows. Here's one video of "Son of a Gun"

The Vaselines - The Way of the Vaselines @ Amazon.com

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