Friday, April 27, 2007

The Jesus and Mary Chain - Darklands

Last night the Jesus and Mary Chain performed their first reunion show at a club in California. It's a prep for their huge performance tonight at Coachella, a place I would much rather be this weekend rather than at home studying for exams. Understatement of the year actually. Well, the JAMC have a NYC date coming up which puts me in an awkward postion. I'm about 2 and a half to three hours from there. What if they don't do anymore dates? I just wish they'd get to announcing more US shows...all these foreign festivals are killing me. They have to play more shows- they just do. There's a two month lapse in time between the 2nd NY show and a festival in Portugal. What's happening then, hmm?

They're working on a new album I heard, and they premiered a new song last night. In addition, according to a poster on the Some Candy Talking forums, this was the setlist (not in order):
Never Understand
Between Planets
Head On
Far Gone and Out
Teenage Lust
Blues From a Gun
Cracking Up
Just Like Honey (with Giant Drag)
Happy When It Rains
Some Candy Talking

Pretty solid. Though it doesn't contain my personal favorite JAMC song that I'm highlighting in this entry. So everybody loves Psychocandy, and rightfully so. It was a groundbreaking record, and being a pivital foundation in the transformation of post-punk into shoegaze. However, the JAMC are not just Psychocandy, as you can tell form the setlist. Actually, in my opinion the setlist could use some more tracks from that album, but that's besides the point. Darklands, their second record, while not quite the behemoth that is Psychocandy it's an excellent album that deserves more respect than it gets. The title track as of right now is my favorite song by the band.

The Jesus and Mary Chain - Darklands

"I'm going to the darklands
to talk in rhyme
with my chaotic soul
As sure as life means nothing
And all things end in nothing
And heaven I think
is too close to hell
I want to move i want to go
I want to go

Oh something won't let me go
to the place where the darklands are
And to awake from dreams
to a scary world of screams
And heaven I think
is too close to hell
I want to move I want to go
I want to go

Take me to the dark
Oh god I get down on my knees
And I feel like I could die
by the river of disease
And I feel that I'm dying
And I'm dying
I'm down on my knees
Oh I'm down
I want to go I want to stay
I want to stay

The mesmerizing music video:

The Jesus and Mary Chain - Darklands @

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winny said...

I die everytime that song comes up.