Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Sonic Youth - My New House (Fall cover)

This will be a quick entry since I'm having a busy night. Well it's Sonic Youth covering the Fall and it's awesome. "My New House." One of my favorites off of This Nation's Saving Grace which is generally considered the best Fall album out of their 80 thousand releases. Sonic Youth's version draws out the song a bit and makes it noisier, as expected. Yeah, think Sonic Youth + The Fall. That's what you'll get. The cover comes from a late 80's Peel session where Sonic Youth played entirely Fall covers, as they were John Peels favorite band ever.

Sonic Youth - My New House

The Fall - My New House

" My new house
You should see my house
My new house
You should see my new house

No rabbit hutch about it
I bought it off the baptists
I get the bills
And I get miffed
At the damn polyester fills
The interior is a prison unconscious

My new house
Keep away from my new house
Wash the drawers of pills
It's got window sills
With lead centred in the middle of them

My new house
Is no beatnik hang-out
That Halifax copter
Sure dropped me a cropper

Sometimes I think I'll ring Swine-Tax
And go back to my flat
But my new house
I do love the mad things about it

According to the postman
It's like the bleeding Bank of England
Creosote tar fence surrounds it
Those razor blades eject when I press eject

My new house
Could easily crack a mortal, it
The spare room is fine
Though a little haunted
By Mr. Reagan who had hung himself at number 13
Mr. Reagan hung himself at number 13

It'll be great when it's decorated
My new house

The Fall - This Nation's Saving Grace @ Amazon.com
Sonic Youth @ Amazon.com

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