Saturday, March 10, 2007

The Pipettes - Pull Shapes

Oh the Pipettes! I'm sorry I neglected you! You see- I feel as though I should have been listening to them since last year. I had heard of them through various blogs who were hyping them in great deals, yet I just put off listening them. I thought...Pipettes? Phh... What's next, the Erlenmeyer Flasks? But then my friend in college started talking about their awesomeness, and the wonder that is Rose Pipette (the one on the furthest right.) Contrary to my initial scoffing I reluctantly decided to check them out, thinking hey, they could maybe be a guilty pleasure. Now I realize that the Pipettes could very much be described as a guilty pleasure, but it would be blasphemous to do so as they're so much better than that. The Pipettes recall the early 1960's pre-British invasion era of pop, incredibly fun and undeniably danceable. However with song titles like "Sex," "Dirty Mind," "One Night Stand," and "Your Kisses are Wasted on Me," innuendo is less subtle than what you'd find on "And Then He Kissed Me" and "My Boyfriend's Back." Also there's much more female empowerment (girl power!) present here than in the 'when's he going to make the move?' Phil Spector era. My favorite Pipettes song is definitely "Pull Shapes" however. It's easily one of the catchiest, if not the catchiest song I've heard from 2006. The "Dance with me pretty boy tonight..." chorus is completely infectious. I'm pretty sure it's physically impossible to listen to this song while sitting still. Now that this song is in my life it makes perfect sense how the Pipettes can sell-out the few US club dates they play, with eBay prices reaching $100.00+. All this and their album isn't even available in the States yet. Oh the power of the internet.

The Pipettes - Pull Shapes

"Dance with me pretty boy tonight
Dance with me and we'll be alright
Theres a whole floor before us, just for you and me
So follow my lead and we'll one two three
Pull shapes!

I like to Disco
I like to Rock 'n' Roll
Well I like to Hip Hop

You can do it all
Just don't let the music fall
Pull shapes! "

Oh and the music video is pretty awesome too:

The Pipettes - We Are the Pipettes (Import) @

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