Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Pleased - Don't Make Things

Ah, after a long computerless week the boner blog has returned. I learned that I severly missed having a computer in my close proximity, especially for the moments when a thought crosses my mind and I immeditely feel the need to look it up on wikipedia. Well, at least I walked more.

Okay, so today's entry will be a song by The Pleased, or better known as the band Joanna Newsom was a member of before she went solo. That's actually an unfortunate description, as Joanna's contribution (backing keyboards) is minimal and the band is pretty solid. They're different than you'd expect, especially if you go in thinking it'll be like Joanna's solo material but injected with a whole lot of rock. In reality there's more of an Interpol/Strokes NYC scene vibe. The song I chose is my favorite from their 2003 release Don't Make Things. Additionally it's the only song on the album where Joanna provides background vocals albeit brief.

The Pleased - Don't Make Things

The Pleased - Don't Make Things @

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