Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Pixies - In Heaven (Lady in the Radiator cover)

This cover rather than being from another artist instead originates from a character in a movie. One of Black Francis' biggest influences for his lyrics is from surrealist film with Un Chien Andalou (for Debaser) and this particular song from David Lynch's Eraserhead being the two most apparent examples. Supposedly in the early days of the band they all caught a screening of the film when it was playing in a town they happened to be in for a show. According to Charles (Black) himself he finds David Lynch films "Highly entertaining in the area of entertainment- a bit surreal, a bit humorous, a bit squirmy, kind of designed to entertain but also make the audience feel just slightly uncomfortable." I'd say that's an accurate depiction. I'm a big fan of David Lynch and while Mulholland Drive in my opinion comes close, Ereaserhead is my favorite film of his. I love the abstract nature and how without a coherent plot, its up to the viewer to make sense of what they're seeing, if they wish to that is. "In Heaven" during the film is sung by what is portrayed to us as a tiny woman with protruding puffy cheeks who lives inside of a radiator. The Pixies have four different versions of the song: the earliest from The Purple Tapes which has the roughest mix of them all, the second a live take that was included on the Complete B-sides compilation, the third (which I'm including here) from their BBC session and lastly the version from their reunion tour with Kim Deal taking the vocals. While the last version is a nice touch and is most similiar to the original, you can't help to feel that the reason they changed up the vocalists was that Charles' larynx couldn't quite handle it anymore. I don't blame him...the intensity of his screams on this track are at times frightening. Frighteningly awesome of course. After the mp3s I'll post videos of the original Ereaserhead scene as well as the Pixies 2004 live version.

The Pixies - In Heaven (Lady in the Radiator Song)

The Lady in the Radiator - In Heaven

"In heaven, everything is fine
In heaven, everything is fine
In heaven, everything is fine
You've got your good thing, and I've got mine"

Pixies at the BBC @ Amazon.com
Ereaserhead @ Amazon.com

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