Monday, March 12, 2007

Of Montreal - Tropical Ice-Land/ And She Was (Fiery Furnaces/ Talking Heads cover)

Of Montreal last night was insane. They said they'd put the money from the Outback ad to good use on tour and they weren't lying. I've never seen so many costume changes in one show. Before I go into the show I first need to mention that I frustratingly forgot my laptop from home so I'm writing this entry in my school's library. What an inconvenience. A week without my computer...this feels like a social experiment testing whether the computer is something I own and use at my will or if it really controls me.
Back to the show. There were angels, a 10 foot tall Kevin Barnes ladder dress (see picture), Darth Vader, sperm people, apples, bananas, shoulder rides, art projection screens, a big lobster claw, a huge three headed wolf creature costume, projections of the audience on stage behind the band...I could keep going on but I wouldn't want to ruin every surprise you'd get at an Of Montreal show. One really cool thing I'll mention though is that David Barnes, Of Montreal's art designer was there and for a bit he was dancing with a sketch pad, doing spur of the moment drawing and tossing them out to the audience. While I couldn't nab one of the drawings I did get a piece of pre-made confetti that he threw out as well.
Their set list leaded heavily on Hissing Fauna, playing 92% of the album (they only skipped "The Past is a Grotesque Animal." lame.), then 6 tracks from The Sunlandic Twins ("Requiem for O.M.M.2," "I Was Never Young," "Forecast Fascist Future," "I was a Landscape in Your Dream", "The Party's Crashing Us," and "October is Eternal," (from the bonus EP) "Rapture Rapes the Muses" and "Vegan in Furs" from Satanic Panic in the Attic (i wish they played more from that) a David Bowie cover, and the cover mash-up I'm featuring here. I think I missed a few songs in that by memory setlist however though. To close their set, Kevin introduced the song as being a cover of one of their contemporaries, first saying "The Beatles!" which was met with roars of applause. He of course shot that down and stated a little more quietly that it was instead by the Fiery Furnaces, which was met with almost as much cheers and applause. The cover's source was from the Furnaces debut Gallowsbird's Bark. Halfway through they flawlessly segued into the Talking Heads' "And She Was" doing a verse before transitioning back into the original song. While it's a bit unorthodox to end a set with a cover, in this case it worked really well, ending their massively energetic set with a bang.

Of Montreal - Tropical Ice-Land/And She Was

The Fiery Furnaces - Tropical Ice-Land

The Talking Heads - And She Was (Early DemoVersion)

Picture taken from: (Lots of great shots here!)

Of Montreal - Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer @Polyvinyl
The Fiery Furnaces - Gallowsbird's Bark @
Talking Heads - Little Creatures (Dual Disc) @

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