Saturday, March 3, 2007

Of Montreal - Friends of Mine (Zombies cover)

Of Montreal certainly loves the 60's pop. A few entires back I showcased their cover of the Velvet Underground's "She's My Best Friend," yet this time they do a cover of the Zombies' "Friends of Mine." Coincidence? Maybe. The original version comes from the Zombies unbelievable 1967 masterpiece Odessey & Oracle. I cannot stress enough how good of an album this is. Better than anything the Beatles ever put out. There, I've said it. The thing with "Friends of Mine," as great of a pop song as it is, it's probably the weakest track on the entire record. Of Montreal's cover is faithful to the original not really deviating from it at all. That version is from their iffy 2003 tour only release Then Who Will Protect Big Oil which is currently out of print.

Of Montreal - Friends of Mine

The Zombies - Friends of Mine

"They are friends of mine
(Joyce and Terry)
They are friends of mine
(Paul and Molly)
And they've got something
(Liz and Brian)
It's so hard to find
(Joy and David)
They are friends of mine
(Kim and Maggie)
They are friends of mine
(June and Daffy)
And they've got something
(Jean and Jim)
You don't often find
(And Jim and Christine)"

Of Montreal @ Polyvinyl Records
The Zombies - Odessey and Oracle


Anonymous said...

better than anything the beatles put out? I like the zombies a lot too but that's a pretty naive statement. the beatles canon far out ways the zombies any way you want to slice it. and that butcher song is pretty much filler. still a great album but let's not kid ourselves, if you said pet sounds then you'd have a decent argument.

Anonymous said...

Oddessey and Oracle is an AMAZING album. I listened to it practically non-stop last summer. Of Montreal has reminded me of the Zombies since the first time I heard them. I once loaned a friend both Oddessey and Oracle and Satanic Panic in the Attic, and he played both CD's back to back at work. When Satanic Panic started playing, someone asked him, "Is this also the Zombies?"

Anyway, to cut my long-windedness short, thanks for the cover!