Saturday, September 22, 2007

Slowdive - Alison

I think it's safe to say that every genre is over cluttered. A lot of bands may be worthwhile, but there's just a handful of truly great ones. Slowdive is one of those few. I'd say that next to MBV, they're the second most definitive shoegaze band. With this I think they're the perfect band to close my two weeks of Shoegaze.

I've already expressed my love for them and featured by favorite song of theirs in this entry, so therefore this one instead will have their best known song, "Alison".

Slowdive - Alison

"Listen close and don't be stoned
I'll be here in the morning
Cause I'm just floating

While your cigarette still burns
Your messed up world will thrill me
Alison I'm lost

Alison I said we're sinking
There's nothing here but thats okay
Outside your room your sisters spinning
But she laughs and tells me shes just fine
I guess shes out there somewhere

And the sailors they strike poses
The covered walls answer slowly
With your talking and your pills
Your messed up life still thrills me
Alison I'm lost

Alison I'll drink your wine
I'll wear your clothes when we're both high
Alison I said were sinking
But she laughs and tells me its just fine
I guess shes out there somewhere"

Promo-video that fits the song perfectly

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Anonymous said...

another classic of the genre

-Ollie :D