Friday, September 7, 2007

Ride - Vapour Trial

This song is so brilliant. I'm not big on the band as a whole (maybe they still need to click) but this one song... it's frighteningly good. Is there some divine force behind this song? Could this actually be played be mortal human beings? There's part of me that doesn't even want to look further into the band: my relationship with this song is so perfect as it is.

Let's see what others have to say...

"no words could ever properly describe this song"

"The whole riff with the 12 string guitar is fantastic. Jingly Jangly + Celestial = Best. Song. Ever".

"i have this imagery of a beautiful 'deep blue sky' day with the song's persona sitting down (or riding in a car, down the freeway) as he/she ruminates about his/her relationship with the object of the song.

but in essence, i really think this song is a beautiful piece on the transient aspect of love. the seemingly (bitter)sweet melancholy illuminates the pure bliss that one feels when listening to this song. i honestly love this song". -jermy

"i feel infinite." -Rashikal

"I used to have a friend who lived by me, and our apartment complexes were separated by a golf course.

There were many nights when I listened to this song on my walkman, in the cold breeze of the night. Just me, the stars, and this AMAZING song.

I just can't tell you what this song does to me. I feel bliss...the bliss that comes from falling in love. I also feel a little longing, because I wish I had someone to share this song with.

Oh, and the end when everything drops out and it's just the viola (I've been told it's a viola...I'm not too literate on string instruments)...oh my god. The song just enters a new dimension of beauty and feeling.

God, this song is amazing. I get choked up every time I listen to it." -velmaxcorgan

" This MUST be the best song in the world." -Reality-morph

"yes, yes- it's true. this is the greatest song ever." -Mad_Martigan

Ride - Vapour Trail

"First you look so strong
Then you fade away
The sun will blind my eyes
I love you anyway
Thirsty for your smile
I watch you for a while
You are a vapour trail
In a deep blue sky
Tremble with a sigh
Glitter in your eye
You seem to come and go
I never seem to know
And all my time
Is yours as much as mine
We never have enough
Time to show our love"

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Ride - Nowhere

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