Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Swervedriver - Rave Down

Swervedriver. They brought a more aggressive form of shoegaze: faster tempos, more forceful vocals, but of course the trademark swirling guitars and walls of distortion were still there.

I can't give much personal opinion, as I've never heard an entire album by these guys. I've looked at the covers of a few however and they look hideous. But you know how that saying goes.

I do know this one song by them though. It's a good one, though unlike some other acts in the genre Swervedriver sound very much from their time. And by their time I mean they sound very 90's. Take that however you want it. It sounds like Swervedriver were influenced by a lot so it's hard to pinpoint them directly. I'm not going to say grunge-gaze, though one of their first tours was with Soundgarden....

Swervedriver - Rave Down

"Rave down, hit the ground

Before the pistol crack spins me out sideways
Like the sharp hard hit of a car crash in a dream
There's kids on the corner wanna
Beat-box my brains to bits
You can't cut creed clean
Things ain't black or white like they seem

Rave down, hit the ground

4 AM all night hell gas station
Before we cruise off to the beach
Where the breeze blows easy and slow
We hung tight all night and no gig to go to
There could be something happenin' here
But there's just no place to go
Your town ain't lively up no more
Rave Down

Deep hot sun burns through the city
Yeah, they're havin' to peel
The pedestrians off the walls
Ex-cop 'round the block
Rockin' chair, suckin' beer
He blasts flies with his gun
Because swatting's no fun
Your town ain't hypin' up no more
Rave down
Rave down, hit the ground"

Promo video

Swervedriver - Raise @Amazon.com

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matt said...

Great band, but they did look awful