Sunday, September 2, 2007

ISYES Exclusive: Wolf Parade Live 8-18-07 @ Download Festival

Okay, so Sunday entries are practically unheard of on this blog, but today is a special exception. Besides, I was too busy seeing Girl Talk on Friday for an entry.

I'll cut to the chase... this is an exclusive Wolf Parade bootleg, made first available by this blog! My good friend Dave is the taper of this show, and personal bias aside, it's the best quality taping you'll hear at the moment of the new Wolf Parade songs. This set featured plenty of them, five to be exact. Them only playing two old songs, "Shine a Light" and "I'll Believe in Anything" was met with disdain by more than just a few, but I'm getting the feeling that when the new album finally comes our way, It's going to be really cool to be one of the select few to have heard the songs so early and in a live setting. I know for sure that when the album is released (coughleaks) I'll be thinking about this set and saying to myself, wow- so that's the direction they took the song, or hey- this isn't different at all. In any case a truncated Wolf Parade set from a windy, bee-filled, heavily Volkswagen sponsored festival with unclear event times, Guster fans, and $5 water is now forever preserved. And that- that is good.

Full Show: Wolf Parade Live @ Download Festival 8-18-07 Mansfield, MA

MP3s are at 256 kbps. A lossless version is available. If interested, contact me.

Chinese Way
F.Y.C/ Fine Young Cannibal
Shine a Light
I'll Believe in Anything
Crazy Horse

"I'll Believe in Anything" Live Video from the show (that I didn't take)

Wolf Parade @ Subpop Records


maria said...

thanks so much for this!

mike said...

awesome! thank you.

any chance flacs could go up on dime?

rgsc said...

Thanks very much for this - I'm looking forward to hearing this recording. The zip file is password protected - would you be able to leave us the password here,please?
Again, thanks. r

matt said...

it's password protected?

strange... i'll reupload it.

rgsc said...

i redownloaded it, it still said it was password protected. I re-titled the zip file (someone on the WP forum said that winzip doesn't like some characters) and it worked.

Anyway, I got it now, so thanks!

Anonymous said...


Noah said...

Cool! I shot that video.