Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Full Set!: Devendra Banhart Live in Boston, MA 9-25-07

That's right...this show happened last night, and it's up and ready to download already!

Thanks to the awesome Dave who also recorded the Wolf Parade show about a month ago, as this bootleg is the work of him. The show was so much fun: a gradual progression in the truest sense of the word. Devendra and his band took stage initially with acoustic instruments, hair tied up in a bunch and concealed with a bandanna. They all sat initially, giving the gig a coffee house feel, albeit a large coffee house. After a few songs, they stood and grabbed their electric instruments. However it wasn't until Devendra and every else with long enough hair tore off their bandannas and let their hair flow that the gig really got going. At any other show, that would be a minor move, yet when it's Devendra whose mane could front its own band, it's a big deal. The response was huge. The band picked up momentum fast, and the gig became a dancefest. Midway through he asked if anyone in the audience has written a song recently, which resulted in a girl named Marianne hopping up on stage and performing one of her own songs. I've never seen something like this happen at a show before. Devendra took things down a key again with the much-beloved "Little Yellow Spider," the end of the pre-encore set. Devendra then emerged shirtless to at least 4 times the response of him letting down his hair and ended the night with "This Beard is for Siobhan" and "I Feel Just Like a Child." He headed over to the merch table after the show and signed really elaborate autographs, actually more like customized drawings, for anyone that wanted one. I left feeling the biggest musical high I've had in a long time.

Here the link:

Devendra Banhart - Live at the Roxy, Boston MA 9-25-07

It's a 256 kbps rip...FLAC will be posted on dimeadozen soon...

The setlist varies a bit in order from what was played. I love all the Zs.

Here's a video I took of "This Beard is for Siobahn." It's a little jiggly at times because I had two people swaying back and forth in front of me at intermittent intervals. I superimposed the bootleg audio over my video. Therefore mediocre visuals + superb audio. How often to you get that in the youtube world?

Compilation of various clips from the show:


Anonymous said...

thanks for posting this, I was there and it was one of the best shows I have ever seen. I've been a huge fan for 3 years now and have all of his records. I am so bummed to find out his signed autographs and I didn't stay!! Damn it!! I hope he comes back soon. I almost brought my mini disc to record the show so thank you so much for this. I thought they would be searching at the door. I'll be downloading it when I get home from work.


sunny said...

thanks very much! it's very generous of you to share.

Jay from Ottawa said...

holy sh*t dude, i can't even begin to express my gratitude for your recording!!! i was at the show three days earlier in montreal, and it changed me. my girlfriend is gonna freak when she finds out. thank you. amazing recording too, one of the best boots i've ever heard. probably the best. it's identical to the set i saw, but they played mama wolf for this dude that's been following them around canada. i love it. i met the band too, they're such awesome people. he's so good to his fans. it's almost like he's shy around us, did you notice. like he feels his fans are more worthy than himself. i love this guy. i was humbled. thank you over and over again.

Jay from Ottawa said...

oh, and do you have others????

Dj Generation Y said...

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