Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Jonathan Richman - Corner Store

Jonathan Richman is pretty important. Apparently, he's one of the founders of what we know today as "indie rock" and what was the "college rock" scene of the 80's. As the title of the blog says so, this man needs to get his dues. I'm actually new to Jonathan Richman and his band the Modern Lovers, only first listening to them within the last few months. My friend made me a custom compilation of his material, and I dug that a lot. I still have yet to persue an actual album, but I think the self-titled Modern Lovers album will be first up. Jerry Harrison, later of the Talking Heads was an original member of the band, something that makes me extra excited.

So the one track I enjoyed the most from the compilation was "Corner Store," a song about loving and supporting your neighborhood family owned businesses and hating the big name corporations that run them out of business. I've never seen the entiriety of that high-costs of Wal-Mart documentary, but I doubt they used this song in it, which is for shame.

Jonathan Richman - Corner Store

"Well I walked past just yesterday
And I couldn't bare that new mall no more
I can't expect you all to see it my way
But you may not know what was there before
And I want them to put back my old corner store.

Well I walked past just like I say
And I felt this hurt that would not go home
I can't expect that you're gonna see it my way
But you may not know the trees I've known
And I want them to put back my old corner store.

I know it costs more money to shop there
But this was love, this was love
I know you had to pay more money
I'll pay money, I'll pay more
I don't care what the mall has got
I want back that corner store

And what did I feel when I walked by slow
Sorrow sorrow, all around
Why I would feel sorrow I now know
I smell a ghost smell from the ground
That old wooden smell from the old corner store

Bam a nib a nib a nib way oh
Bam a nib a nib a way oh web oh
Bam a nib a nib a no Corner store Corner store
Bam a nib a nib a nib way oh
Bam a nib a nib a way oh web oh
Bam a nib a nib a no Corner store Corner store

I walked past one final time
And I wished the worst on the place I shop
Now I can't expect everyone to feel like I am
But I spot a trend that has got to stop
And I want them to put back that old corner store"

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Anonymous said...

Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers are where it's at.

Anonymous said...

You either get Jonathan or you don't...I do. Thanks for this track, I had not heard it before.


Anonymous said...

thank you! I love this song I've been thinking about it for years! I love me some Jonathan

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