Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Architecture in Helsinki - Like It or Not

Here's a brand new Architecture in Helsinki song, "Like It or Not" from their upcoming record Places Like This. It comes out on September 7th, and is their first full length release on Polyvinyl Records.

The song is a tad different than their sound on their previous record In Case We Die. For one the male vocals are noticably louder and actually belted out, a stark contrast to his previous singing voice which barely rose above a whisper. You could also say it's a little less twee than before, as the instruments sound as they're with more force and vigour. Each clearly make their presence known and never does one seem displaced within the mix. Though there's these various differences in their sound, one thing that remains consistent is the catchiness and danceability.

Architecture in Helsinki - Like It or Not

To the left is a huge scan of the new album's cover art. Very nice. Looks like it would be a cool thing to have on vinyl.

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