Monday, February 14, 2011

Best of 2010: Concerts

10. The Feelies @ The Middle East (3-19-10)
9. The Buzzcocks @ Paradise (5-17-10)
8. Sufjan Stevens @ Orpheum Theater (11-12-10)
7. LCD Soundsystem w. Sleigh Bells @ Orpheum Theater (9-28-10)
6. Iggy & the Stooges @ House of Blues (8-31-10)
5. Belle & Sebastian w. Dean Wareham @ Orpheum Theater(10-15-10)
4. Weezer @ Orpheum (12-14, 12-15)
3. Joanna Newsom @ Sanders Theater (3-17-10)
2. Pavement @ Agganis Arena (9-18-10)
1. Guided by Voices w. Blitzen Trapper @ Paradise (11-5-10)

I'm so on board with the 90's reunion trend that is going on lately. In 2010, Pavement and Guided by Voices reunited, Weezer played Blue + Pinkerton shows. In 2011, The Dismemberment Plan, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Pulp, Jeff Mangum, Sebadoh, and Archers of Loaf are all touring. And it's only February. Sure reunion shows can be an easy cash-in, and I've seen a few disappointing ones (recently Echo & the Bunnymen), but when they're on, they can be one of the greatest live experiences you can have. The thrill of seeing something live that you never expected to see is truly wonderful, and I can easily say that for the Guided by Voices, Pavement, and Weezer shows that I attended this year. However out of the three, GBV took the cake.

I never expected to see GBV live, much less in their classic (1992-1996) lineup. Plus seeing them in a club, the exact same venue when they played Boston in 1996 was surreal. The setlist was impeccable - nearly 40 songs, with the majority from Propeller, Bee Thousand, and Alien Lanes.
It was also the first 21+ show I've attended, and for good reason. Robert Pollard passed beer and his bottle of Tequila around the audience, and by the end of the night, the stage resembled an ashtray. We were transported back in a time before indoor smoking was banned in 2004, the same year GBV disbanded. Legality be damned! Though by the end of the evening, all the alcohol clearly has some impact on the band's playing, this hardly mattered as this was never what Guided by Voices were all about. This show was such an experience, a celebration where you could truly feel the power of the music and love from both the crowd and the band. I swear each band member high-fived me ten times.


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