Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Essential Sebadoh - Vol. 2

The Essential Sebadoh Vol. 2

1. True Hardcore (The Freed Man)
2. Jaundice (The Freed Man)
3. God Told Me (III)
4. Perverted World (III)
5. Scars, Four Eyes (III)
6. Wonderful, Wonderful (III)
7. Black Haired Girl (III)
8. Supernatural Gurl (III)
9. Hassle (III)
10. Good Things (Smash Your Head on the Punk Rock)
11. Ride the Darker Wave (Rocking the Forest)
12. New Worship (Smash Your Head on the Punk Rock)
13. Brand New Love (Smash Your Head on the Punk Rock)
14. Soul and Fire (acoustic demo)
15. Forced Love (Bubble & Scrape)
16. Think (Let Tomorrow Bee) (Bubble & Scrape)
17. Homemade (Bubble & Scrape)
18. Dreams (Bakesale)
19. Got It (Bakesale)
20. Drama Mine (Bakesale)
21. On Fire (acoustic)
22. Prince-S (Harmacy)
23. Beauty of the Ride (Harmacy)
24. Open Ended (Harmacy)
25. Too Pure (Harmacy)
26. Perfect Way (Harmacy)
27. Flame (The Sebadoh)
28. Sorry (The Sebadoh)

I think I'll do a Volume 3 eventually. They do have so many great songs... Sebadoh fans- Any suggestions for songs I have yet to include?


Anonymous said...

No suggestions, but man..what a band..whatever you put in a third volume would be fuckin great, anyway.

Thanks for the uploadings and all the great stuff

Clennan said...

Great site-Great selection

What about Sentridoh? Loosing Loosers was a great acheivement too!

Anonymous said...

..and Soul Mate, the version from Sebadoh vs. Helmet. Essential!

mattadactyl said...

Hey- I would include that version of Soulmate, though its essentially the only major Sebadoh song I'm missing on my computer. I don't know your chances of seeing this again, but if you have the .mp3, could you please upload it for me? $10+ for the OOP Sebadoh vs. Helmet when I already have Smash Your Head on the Punk Rock is too much. I hate when compilations exclude a track.

Cousin Craig said...

Hmm, I have it on vinyl only. I could hook up the decks to rip it, but... it will involve lots of wires! I'll try if I get time!

Cousin Craig said...

Okay, I have an mp3 version of Soulmate from the vinyl, can I email it to you?

mattadactyl said...

Yes- My email is

Thank you so much for doing this!

Cousin Craig said...

Consider it done! Thanks for these great posts, I look forward to volume three...