Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Essential Sebadoh - Mix #1

Truly one of the most underrated bands of the 90's. Vol. 2 will be coming soon....

The Essential Sebadoh - Vol. 1

1. Brand New Love (Weed Forestin)
2. Gimme Indie Rock (Gimme Indie Rock 7")
3. The Freed Pig (III)
4. Violent Execution (III)
5. Total Peace (III)
6. Kath (III)
7. Spoiled (III)
8. Truly Great Thing (III)
9. No Different (III)
10. It's So Hard to Fall in Love (Rocking the Forest)
11. Vampire (Rocking the Forest)
12. Soul and Fire (Bubble and Scrape)
13. Happily Divided (Bubble and Scrape)
14. Two Years Two Days (Bubble and Scrape)
15. Sacred Attention (Bubble and Scrape)
16. License to Confuse (Bakesale)
17. Rebound (Bakesale)
18. Skull (Bakesale)
19. Not a Friend (Bakesale)
20. Not Too Amused (Bakesale)
21. Careful (Bakesale)
22. Magnet's Coil (Bakesale)
23. Together or Alone (Bakesale)
24. On Fire (Harmacy)
25. Ocean (Harmacy)
26. Willing to Wait (Harmacy)
27. Nothing Like You (Harmacy)


Anonymous said...

I keep getting errors in decompressing the archive because it is corrupt.

matt said...

strange - i just tried to unzip the file and it worked fine. i justre-uploaded it on megaupload and changed the link. hopefully it'll be fine now.

Anonymous said...

worked this time. thanks!