Monday, November 5, 2007

Mojave 3 - Love Songs on the Radio

Country tinged shoegaze. You wouldn't think it'd work, but it does. Mojave 3 formed after Slowdive disbanded, containing three members of the band. Yep, that's where the 3 comes from. This song is gorgeous.

Mojave 3 - Love Songs on the Radio
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"She looks just like an angel
When she walks across the room
She shines tonight
Her golden light
Is everything I need

Lovers all around her
She wears them like her jewels
My friend says she's all he needs
To feel alive

Love songs on the radio
His sweetheart lies in bed
She's dreaming of the things he said
She's hoping that he's well"

Promo video:

Mojave 3 - Ask Me Tomorrow @

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