Thursday, November 29, 2007

Maria Taylor, Aimee Mann - White Christmas

Ah, "White Christmas." Such a nice song. We heard versions by the Pipettes and the Flaming Lips yesterday... why not two more today!? The first comes from the Bright Eyes' 2002 release, A Christmas Album, but rather than Conor Oberst singing, Maria Taylor (of Azure Ray performs the song.) The second comes from Aimee Mann's Christmas album One More Drifter in the Snow, released last year. Both are similar in execution, stripping the song down to its core, with only sparse acoustic guitar accompanying the vocals. However, each has a different feel, the Aimee Mann version more plaintive and longing, while the the Maria Taylor version sounds more innocent and wishful. She is 16 years younger than Aimee, so its not surprising that these two versions sound like they're coming from different places in life. Yet both are undoubtedly beautiful.

Maria Taylor - White Christmas
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Aimee Mann - White Christmas
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Bright Eyes - A Christmas Album @ Saddle Creek

Aimee Mann - Another Drifter in the Snow

P.S. Does anyone know any good free mp3 hosting sites? The 500 meg bandwidth limit at filefreak just isn't cutting it...


Katie said...

First off, for file uploads, I always use The primary reason is that I can't stand those file sharing sites that force you to hunt and peck for the file.

Secondly, thanks for the Maria Taylor track! I've been looking for this one, as well as the one that was on Grey's Anatomy a few years back, called "Christmas After All." You wouldn't happen to have that as well, would you?

Anonymous said...

Fucking Love all christmas music! And White Christmas might be one of the best songs of all time. Not just for holidays.