Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Essential Daniel Johnston

Today Daniel Johnston turns 50. In honor of his birthday, here is a custom "best-of" mix that I made over the Summer. I found that the official Welcome to My World compilation lacked some essential early material (especially Songs of Pain cuts) as well as material from the underrated Fun. I mean, how can you exclude "Life in Vain," "Silly Love, ""Grievances," "I Had Lost My Mind," "An Idiot's End," "I'm a Song," and "Held the Hand?" Then again, when it comes to Daniel Johnston favorites, it can get very subjective. Anyways, here's my version complete with a custom cover which you can find at the left or here. The mix runs just below 80 minutes, so it should perfectly fit on a CD-R. Enjoy and celebrate Daniel!

The Essential Daniel Johnston

1. Grievences
2. Living Life
3. I Had Lost My Mind
4. Never Relaxed
5. The Sun Shines Down on Me
6. Like a Monkey in a Zoo
7. Man Obsessed
8. An Idiot's End
9. Peek A Boo
10. The Story of an Artist
11. Casper the Friendly Ghost
12. Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Your Grievances
13. Speeding Motorcycle
14. The Beatles
15. Walking the Cow
16. Hey Joe
17. I'm a Song
18. Etiquette
19. Funeral Home
20. Go
21. Devil Town
22. Some Things Last a Long Time
23. True Love Will Find You in the End
24. Held the Hand
25. Laurie
26. Come See Me Tonight
27. Silly Love
28. Life in Vain

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fucking awesome! It's so hard to find ppl that actually know who Daniel is.. I see ppl out here wearing the 'hi how are you?' tee. and i'm like oh cool, i like your shirt."
-oh yeah i love kurt cobain..

ugh lol sad little posers we have in la. =/

anyway, good job!