Monday, April 27, 2009

The Essential Sebadoh- Vol. 3

Here's custom mix #3 for my favorite band at the moment - Sebadoh. Unlike the first two, this draws more heavily on their lo-fi recordings, so much in fact that it only reaches up to Bubble & Scrape. Though definitely not the first albums newcomers should check out, The Freed Man and Weed Forestin' have lots of short little gems. I've started work on the fourth and most likely final volume, though have some narrowing down to do.

The Essential Sebadol - Vol. 3

1. K-Sensa-My (The Freed Man)
2. Healthy Sick (The Freed Man)
3. Level Anything (The Freed Man)
4. Design (The Freed Man)
5. Julienne (The Freed Man)
6. Soulmate (The Freed Man)
7. Moldy Bread (The Freed Man)
8. Fire of July (The Freed Man)
9. Punch in the Nose (The Freed Man)
10. Pig (Asshole 7")
11. Slow to Learn (Asshole 7")
12. Hung Up (Asshole 7")
13. Cheapshot (Oven is My Friend 7")
14. New Worship (Weed Forestin')
15. Ride the Darker Wave (Weed Forestin')
16. It's So Hard to Fall in Love (Weed Forestin')
17. Subtle Holy Gift (Weed Forestin')
18. Pound My Skinny Head (Weed Forestin')
19. Whitey Peach (Weed Forestin')
20. Waited Forever (Weed Forestin')
21. I Believe in Fate (Weed Forestin')
22. Gate to Hell (Weed Forestin')
23. Broken (Weed Forestin')
24. Red Riding Good (Gimme Indie Rock 7")
25. Toledo (Split 7" w. Azalia Snail)
26. Downmind (III)
27. Hoppin' Up and Down (III)
28. Holy Picture (III)
29. Limb By Limb (III)
30. Half Undressed (Princess 7")
31. Fantastic Diaster (Soul and Fire 7")
32. I Stopped Singing (Ow, Quit it compilation)
33. Losercore (Losercore 7")
34. New Worship (Smash Your Head on the Punk Rock)
35. Everybody's Been Burned (Smash Your Head on the Punk Rock)
36. Mean Distance (Smash Your Head on the Punk Rock)
37. Pink Moon (Smash Your Head on the Punk Rock)
38. Emma Get Wild (Bubble & Scrape)
39. Sixteen (Bubble & Scrape)
40. Flood (Bubble & Scrape)
41. Sister (Bubble & Scrape)
42. Reject (Soul and Fire 7")


Cousin Craig said...

Hi, did you get the Soulmate mp3 I sent for Vol 4 okay? Craig.

shewshew said...

Hey ho. can you repost vol. 1 and 2? I would be so so grateful :D