Monday, November 10, 2008

The Essential Animal Collective (2004-2008)

Certainly one of the best and most innovative bands making music today. This is a retrospective I made chronicling their last four years and essential tracks during that period.

The Essential Animal Collective '04-'08

1. College
2. We Tigers
3. Sweet Road
4. Who Could Win a Rabbit
5. Leaf House
6. Winters Love
7. Prospect Hummer
8. Did You See the Words
9. The Purple Bottle
10. Grass
11. Banshee Beat
12. People
13. Peacebone
14. Chores
15. For Reverend Green
16. Fireworks
17. Winter Wonder Land
18. Water Curses

Animal Collective @FatCat records


Anonymous said...

aw, no tikwid? :/
at first i was like, "no spirit songs?!" and then i was that it was just '04-'08...hehe. this is a really good mix though. i'm gonna go ahead and say that they're my favorite band ever. i just can't think of anyone who comes close.

omg merriweather is going to be SOOO good.have you heard the boots?

matt said...

i have not heard the boots yet. i'm really pumped though. with new AC and grizzly bear, the rest of 2009 can suck completely and it will still be a great year for music.

regarding the mix though, I initially wanted to make a comprehensive animal collective mix, but found it too difficult narrowing it down. i also made a 2000-2003 mix, but it didn't work at all. all the transitions were off and a few songs didn't make sense out of context. it's really hard to isolate most songs from their early albums, though some from spirit would work.

Anonymous said...

then you're in for a reeeal treat. i sort of wish i hadn't listened to the boots so much because now i have these expectations of what i want the songs to sound like, but i definitely wouldn't be anywhere near as excited as i am if i didn't already know the songs. of course i'll be listening with an open mind though so i won't be disappointed. some websites that have reviewed it have already said that it's the best album of 2009 lol. i'm pumped for the new grizzly bear toooo.
anyway, i'm still not sure if i'll be listening to the leak or not...i mean, my expectations for this album are crazyyyy crazy high, so i kind of want that feeling of ripping open the package and putting on the vinyl instead of spontaneously downloading the leak.

i've never tried making a mix of any of their songs. i have included individual songs of theirs on different mixes, but i imagine it'd be pretty weird trying to make a comprehensive mix just because all (a lot) of their songs have those transitions. and their albums just flow really well in general.
oh, and i just noticed SAFER wasn't on here! tsk tsk.

[/longest blog comment ever]

Caravatti said...

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Dawn said...

I love the Pete and Pete related posts...amazing humor for a kids show. I'm also lovin' "The Essential" compilation posts. I'm interested to hear what you'd do for The Essential Tom Waits.

Anonymous said...

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