Monday, March 3, 2008

The Adventures of Pete & Pete Mix Part 2

Here's the leftovers that wouldn't fit onto last week's mix:

The Adventures of Pete & Pete Mix #2

1. Polaris - Coronado II
2. Drop Nineteens - Delaware
3. Luscious Jackson - Angel
4. Nice - Theme from Nice
5. Polaris - Ivy Boy
6. Luscious Jackson - Satellite
7. Polaris - As Usual
8. Luscious Jackson - Here
9. Polaris - The Monsters Loose
10. Luscious Jackson - Pele Merengue
11. Polaris - Recently
12. Poi Dog Pondering - Living with the Dreaming Body


Lyndz said...

...aaaaaand my life is complete.

Jake said...

Hey, Nice is a pretty awesome band. I don't suppose you have anymore songs of theirs? If not, do you happen to know where I could find some? Thanks!

Tony said...

Awesome 2 mixes, I got the first one but the second doesn't seem to be working anymore. Any chance of you uploading it again? It would be totally awesome if you did.

diello said...

The link isn't working for me :(
Any chance I could get a different link?

Anonymous said...

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Parnass said...

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