Monday, October 8, 2007

Exclusive!: New Of Montreal - Feminine Effects

Last week Of Montreal did a radio session over at MPR (Minnesota Public Radio) where they performed, "Feminine Effects", a song from their mysterious next album Skeletal Lamping. During the interview part of the session Kevin mentions October as the release date. I'd assume he means 2008, but who nows- maybe he'll follow the path of Radiohead and just unexpectedly drop the album later this month. I can only hope.

The album was first revealed through a Kevin Barnes myspace blog rant about a month ago. Here's the parts specifically relating to the record:

"It feels good to let the ego rage. I'm sure it does feel good. In fact, I can say from experience that it does feel good, because I am doing it myself on my new album. Ha.
Actually, that is what this rant is all about. I am exploring the dark and gloriously detestable sides of my consciousness. A lot of the people I've played the new songs for have been confused. I'm probably going to lose some fans but I don't care. I don't care because, I'm enjoying myself. I don't care because, I'm following the organic path of my muse, or whatever. Most of all I don't care because, the indie rock world is too polite and likable and I feel it needs the drunken uncle to show up, uninvited, to the birthday party and vomit on the couch. Not every year of course, but at least once in a while".

So the new album will be the equivalent of your uncle showing up drnk to your party and throwing up all over the place. I'm intrigued. "Feminine Effects" is as far as I'm aware Of Montreal's first piano ballad. It's really pretty, minimalistic and certainly a different turn for Kevin Barnes.

Of Montreal - Feminine Effects

The mp3 is ripped from the real audio session. Yes, it's not exclusive per se, but I did rip it from that inaccessible realaudio stream to the much more convenient mp3 format. Have fun. Here's the entire session in mp3, also featuring Lindsay Buckingham and Who covers.

Of Montreal Live in MPR Studio 10-5-07

Of Montreal @ Polyvinyl Records

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